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At Vulcan Construction Group, we specialize in building state-of-the-art Grow Facilities and Dispensaries. Our Team of Experts works with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable vendors and growers to create high-end custom cultivation facilities and secure customer-friendly Dispensaries. Let us build your next Dispensary or Cultivation Facility with a future-proof design.

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“We needed a cutting-edge facility to provide our customers with clean, healthy, and good-looking plants. Vulcan was able to come in and do a 3D inspection of all 6 of our rooms. We were able to work with them to design the best lighting, irrigation, and fertigation for healthy mothers and clones. Vulcan’s HVAC system is the star in our facility. We can easily manage the environment in all our rooms, even though they are providing grow space for different types of cannabis plants. The vertical cultivation using PIPP Tables and Racking helps us save space and money, while increasing our cutting output. If you are looking to take advantage of every inch of a facility, Vulcan can figure it out.” – David Rouse, KLONE Owner

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