Irrigation for Commercial Cultivation

At Vulcan Construction group, we have acquired vast experience in installing custom plumbing, irrigation, and drainage systems. In this field, we have worked with major irrigation brands such as Netafim, Cubecap, Floraflex, Dig, Netaflex, and Dosatron. With a national contracting license, we have the necessary industrial experience in providing cutting-edge services. Since quality is our priority, we work with certified vendors and utilize superior products to provide groundbreaking expertise in any installation work. From basic apartments to developing wide upgrades, we deliver ultra-modern services in plumbing and irrigation with top-notch professionalism.

Irrigation systems have existed for years, but the innovation of irrigation in the cannabis industry has been remarkable, creating high-quality harvests in ideal growing environments. Without the power of irrigation systems, cannabis would not grow as abundantly. To produce a premium grow for your operation, consider installing an advanced irrigation system, one that will give each of your plants the right amount of care during the growth cycle.

At Vulcan Construction Group, we support consistent crop growth by installing modern technology systems, including plumbing, irrigation, and drainage. Our industrial knowledge, collaboration with expert irrigation brands, and groundbreaking installation services will tailor to the needs of your business, growing your plants in a safe, productive environment. We’re going to share more information about the irrigation services we provide, so you can make the best choices for your cultivation business.

At Vulcan Construction group, we strive to make you the best choices for your unique goals. We offer solutions to the challenges you face, be it weather, budget, foundational, or compliance issues.


Vulcan Construction trusts automation for modern cultivation in any commercial operation, since this type of irrigation system is ideal for rapid cannabis growth. Fertigation simplifies fertilization by automatically distributing nutrients into irrigation water. The manual mixing of fertilizer is typical for smaller batches in a cultivation facility but requires more precision than fertigation. Maintaining personalized attention, with the prime addition of an automated fertigation system, ensures better irrigation for large-scale businesses. We are proud to work with Dosatron, a distinguished irrigation brand.


Drip irrigation is the standard technique for cultivating cannabis through individual and commercial businesses. During the growth cycle, water and fertilizer are valuable resources. A premium drip system will reduce the heavy consumption of water and fertilizer by saving money while increasing crop production. In partnership with CubeCap, Vulcan’s expert drip system will accommodate your entire crop, allowing all plants to receive adequate amounts of water and fertilizer for a premium harvest.


We design and install batch systems that will make your grow more efficient and give you greater control over large grow spaces. Our nutrient partners will give your plants the food they need at every stage of growth.


If growing cannabis indoors, adjustments will become necessary to the irrigation process. In a small indoor facility with less floor space, utilizing vertical space will be more effective for increasing yield. To maximize space and take advantage of the controlled growing environment, stacking and wall-mounting systems will protect your plants and allow for an efficient growth cycle. Vulcan Construction can collaborate with you to customize a vertical design plan that’s more affordable for your business and effective for irrigation.

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