Cultivation facilities and dispensaries often are exposed to conditions that can be brutal on flooring. In order to withstand heavy foot traffic along with the traffic of forklifts and wheeled carts plus infrequent cleaning, these floors need to be blanketed with specialized coatings. Aided by the latest technology, Vulcan creates these state-of-the-art finishes.

Heavy foot traffic and frequent use of machinery can cause concrete to chip and break– leading to even more damage, such as potholes and low spots. These issues with the flooring can wreak havoc on equipment; it can destroy wheels and suspensions. These repairs can be incredibly expensive, frequently costing tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, our specialized coatings for warehouse-type flooring can help to prevent these costly issues. Specialized coatings can be the remedy to problems with cracks, dusting of bare concrete, and other issues.

Benefits of Warehouse Coating

The ideal cultivation facility or dispensary flooring will be level, seamless, durable, and will require little effort to clean. Not only does epoxy and urethane provide these things, these finishes protect floors from wear and tear as well as the extra benefit of making drainage easy to manage. Epoxy and urethane coating make floors chemical resistant. These coatings also provide flooring with the ability to better handle elevated moisture conditions.

The most durable flooring system is troweled ¼ inch urethane mortar. This system can withstand the heaviest of vehicle usage, counteracting punitive loads from forklifts and other heavy equipment.

Thin mil epoxy systems are well suited for medium traffic warehouse-like facilities. These systems provide the same easy to clean surface, dust proofing, and abrasion resistance as urethane concrete mortars. However, thin mil epoxy systems are not designed to withstand heavy impacts or scraping.

Specialized coatings all provide an aesthetic appeal for cultivation facility and dispensary flooring. Epoxy and urethane make floors sparkle. This luster will not fade or discolor over time. With regular cleaning, the floor will always look brand new.

Cleaning and Maintenance

There are many cheap DIY warehouse floor coatings that can actually cause damage. Using the wrong cleaning solution or floor polish with these DIY coatings can completely destroy what was initially a perfect finish. Cleaning, scrubbing and power washing can be detrimental to a subpar coating.

However, Vulcan’s specialized finishes can endure all routine cleaning practices and will retain essential qualities. Our antimicrobial flooring systems are ultra fast drying and are ideal for cultivation facilities and dispensaries.

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