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Vulcan Construction Group is a team of specialists dedicated to bringing your cannabis growing operations into the future. Our staff is trained to work alongside you to produce results that are as practical as they are visually stunning. All of the systems we install are state-of-the-art, empowering you to grow more while using less energy, particularly our HVAC options. By using less energy, you’re helping the environment and saving money in the process.

The Electrical Cost of Cannabis Cultivation

Anyone who has spent time in the cannabis industry knows that cannabis is a finicky plant to work with. If your conditions aren’t perfect, your investments will literally die off, and maintaining the right environment for your plants to grow is a difficult and costly process.

There are a variety of reasons for this. Some of the problems can be negated with careful planning and consideration, but many are simply a part of the growing process. The chief reason for high costs is: Grow technology uses enormous amounts of resources.

However, the bill doesn’t need to be as high as it often is! Updating your indoor set up to include a mix of Vulcan’s high-tech, energy-saving features can help lower your energy consumption and your energy bill.

The Power of Automation

Automation is one of the best ways to save on your farm’s energy bills. We offer all of these systems, and we’re more than happy to discuss the options with you. These top-of-the-line products give you the ability to relax and allow the computers to do some work for you.

Update Your Irrigation

One of the most beneficial parts of your growing process to automate is your irrigation system. With innate remote management tools, a new, automated irrigation system is a great way to avoid the stress of sudden staff shortages or drought-induced water use restrictions. Moreover, a new, advanced irrigation system won’t just water your plants. These nifty robotic helpers can also fertilize your crops with pre-measured mixtures.

Boost Your Management Ability

Another must-have automation tool is a responsive, updated monitoring system. Being able to know the climate conditions of your growing environment is essential to producing the most sought-after crops. Staying on top of such data is also crucial to micromanaging your finances. Knowing when to give your HVAC system a little nudge or to gently ease up on its usage might seem a bit obsessive, but the small savings start to add up!

Doing this intensive data work at all times is tiring and expensive, though. More advanced systems, such as the technology we offer at Vulcan Construction Group, can alleviate this stress. Modern control systems will track and analyze your data for you; when a change is needed to any system, the automated controller will apply it.

Brighten Up Your Lighting

Another area to consider when you’re looking into changing your farm for the better is your lighting. If you’re still using the more traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs, this is for you! At Vulcan Construction Group, we specialize in the maintenance and installation of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems. These nifty bulbs use far less energy than their older counterparts and still produce the same amount of light (perhaps even more).

In addition to their increased efficiency, LED lighting systems can be controlled remotely with far more ease than an older HPS setup. The power status, intensity, and even the color of LED bulbs can all be changed on a whim from anywhere with a signal.

When you add the value of each of these automated features together, you’ll find yourself with a hefty chunk of savings! In fact, you may even want to start looking into these systems right now. Before you do, it’s important to know that not every installer is created equal.

What Vulcan Offers

First and foremost, Vulcan Construction offers a variety of cutting edge products and appliances. Our systems come with programmable settings, some of which may even be controlled remotely. This amps up your efficiency by giving you the ability to manage and track your facility’s status and energy consumption.

On top of this, we also offer renewable energy options. While we’re renovating your farm to be the most efficient it can be, we can hook your systems into solar panels. In addition to the utility costs you’ll save, you’ll also be granted a sense of independence and confidence. Even if the power grid fails, you’ll still be able to operate and maintain the optimal conditions for your plants.

Vulcan guarantees your build will last and that it will be installed, maintained, and operated safely! Vulcan Construction Group abides by all state and federal safety regulations. Your new setup will be installed with care, and our technicians will always be ready to lend a helping hand when you need it.

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