Vulcan Squad and Quest

The precise environment needed to grow premium cannabis requires the right eqipment and integrated systems, carefully installed to suit the precise needs of your facility. HVAC, temperature, air circulation, humidity, and filtration to keep plants from experiencing adverse conditions, or being exposed to airborne contaminants.

Beyond the grow room, HVAC systems are different. In dry rooms and curing environments, cultivators need a self-contained HVAC system designed to reduce humidity, and will need additional features like dehumidifiers to wick away any excess moisture in the air as the plants dry.

At Vulcan Squad, we have years of experience outfitting cannabis grow facilities with custom HVAC systems designed to improve grow efficiency while reducing costs and labor. We work with premium partners who manufacture top-of-the-line solutions like Quest Climate.

Meet Quest

Quest Climate is a high-end designer and manufacturer of HVAC and humidity controle systems. With a variety of humidity control options, Quest can create custom solutions for facilities of any size, and for any humidity level needs. Engineer led, Quest products are designed to last, and guaranteed under a 5-year warranty.

Quest Climate Products

Quest Climate carries a variety of core products for cultivators with diverse needs. Included in their cataloge are: